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Ciphermail Email Encryption Gateway

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Data Leak Prevention


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CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway


  • Ciphermail Cluster mit Galera und Keepalived (PDF, 160 KB)
    Die Dokumentation beschreibt die Konfiguration eines ausfallsicheren Ciphermail Clusters mit Galera Cluster for MySQL und Keepalived

  • Ciphermail auf dem Univention Corporate Server (UCS) (PDF, 181 KB)
    Die Dokumentation beschreibt die Installation von Ciphermail auf dem Univention Corporate Server. Die Installation und Konfiguration wurde mit einem UCS 4.2.3 und Ciphermail durchgeführt.

  • Administration Guide (PDF 4,2 MB)
    This guide provides in-depth information about the gateway appliance.For a quick setup guide of the gateway appliance, see the "CipherMail quick setup guide".

  • Android Quickstart Guide (PDF 450 KB)
    This quick start guide assumes that the reader does not have any prior knowledge of encryption and S/MIME. In order to get you going quickly, the software will create a certificate during the installation process and some of the default settings are setup to make it easier for end users to start encrypting email. “Self signed” means that the certificate is not validated by a Certificate Authority. We advise you to install a proper certificate after installation of Ciphermail. For more details, we suggest you read the Ciphermail for Android reference guide.

  • Android Reference Guide (PDF 1 MB)
    This reference guide explains in detail all the features and settings of Ciphermail for Android. This guide assumes that Ciphermail for Android has already been installed and that the setup wizard has already been run. See the Ciphermail for Android Quick Install Guide for installation instructions.

  • DLP Setup Guide (PDF 400 KB)
    Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is a feature that prevents certain information to leave the organization via email. What information this is, is defined in the configuration of the DLP system. Typically, it includes credit card numbers, bank account numbers, excessive amounts of email addresses or other personal information in one email message, etc. DLP is implemented as a filter on out-going email. DLP can be a separate system or product, or it can be integrated with another email related product or system.

  • FAQ (250 KB)
  • Installation Guide (PDF 160 KB)
    This installation guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually install CipherMail with the tar release. If CipherMail is going to be installed on Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat or CentOS, you are strongly advised to use the quick install guide which explains how to install CipherMail using the deb or rpm packages. Use this guide as background information on how to install CipherMail on systems not directly supported by the deb or rpm packages.

  • PDF Encryption Setup Guide (PDF 620 KB)
    This guide assumes that the Ciphermail gateway has already been installed and confiured for sending and receiving email. For a more detailed guide on setting up and managing a Ciphermail gateway see the "Ciphermail Administration Guide".

  • Quick Install Guide (PDF 250 KB)
    This quick install guide shows all the required commands to install Ciphermail on Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. The .deb and .rpm packages have been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04, Debian 8, RedHat/CentOS 5, 6 and 7.
    For installation on systems not supported by the .deb or .rpm packages, you are advised to use the manual installation guide. It is recommended to install Ciphermail on a dedicated and clean machine.

  • Quick Setup Guide (PDF 500 KB)
    This guide assumes that the gateway has already been installed but not yet configured, either using the virtual appliance or using the provided installation packages. See the quick install guide or the virtual appliance guide for details on how to install the gateway.

  • S/MIME Setup Guide (PDF 1,2 MB)
    The first part of this guide will give a short introduction on S/MIME. The second part of this guide will briefly explain how to setup a Ciphermail gateway for S/MIME (for a more detailed guide on managing a Ciphermail gateway see the Ciphermail Administration Guide). The third part of this guide will explain howto setup S/MIME for some of the most popular email clients (like Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.).

  • Upgrade Guide (PDF 135 KB)
    This guide briefly explains how to upgrade CipherMail to a new version. Sections 2and 3and will explain the general upgrade procedure. Section 4 will provide version specific upgrade notes and steps.

  • Virtual Appliance Guide (PDF 240 KB)
    The CipherMail Virtual Appliance is a virtual machine for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V with a full installation of the CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway.This guide explains how to install and setup the CipherMail Virtual Appliance.
  • Whitepaper (PDF 400 KB)

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